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A group for TRUE RWBY fan in word everywhere!

This is for fans EVERYWHERE!

This Group is for ANY FAN of RWBY Artist, Writer, Cosplay, MMD, or just a Viewer. What ever type of user you are of RWBY You are Welcome Here! :)

:bulletred: Sexually explicit art/mature works of minors will not be accepted.
:bulletwhite: Screenshots (including demotivational posters) will not be accepted.
:bulletblack: Please submit things into their correct folders. Ask if you're unsure!
:bulletyellow: Be kind and courteous to fellow group members.

If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to message us!
Founded 11 Months ago
Jun 14, 2017


1,388 Members
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Guys and Girls make sure you read this Journal! Updated 7-25-17!

It in are rules "Be kind and courteous to fellow group members."

So a memeber here seen to not to get that so I going remind people. This it ok to have your own option but don't tell people your wrong even though the other person maybe wrong. Where not suppose to be fighting or blocking people over this as the founder of this group it my job to try and keep people in line but when debate get to point hostile it TIME to stop. Sometime you need to know when the right color is in line.

Thank You, Yang3
Greetings all Male & Female of the community. I had permission by @YangXiaLong3 to do this week's RWBY Theory. So, let's get started shall we.

So, like the title says, is Summer Rose Salem? Well, ever somewhere after/before the ending of the last season. I was in another Media site & then someone brought up the subject of that Ruby's mom is the infamous Grimm Humanoid, Salem.

Well, not also that "someone" brought it up. Many people all over the internet suggest that it's plausible of the sudden thing. Anyway, I'll post the links down the bottom for you to read.

So, the whole theory starts out with team STRQ naturally just joined Ozpin & whatnot; becoming the "greatest team" according to Qrow. Somewhere the timeline, Ozpin gave Summer a mission that resulted her to be infected by the Grimm Parasite. In case you forgot, Summer was sent on a mission, by Ozpin, that she never came back

Qrow & the others were there to aid her, they killed Summer cause she was infected. They left a flaw, the parasite kept infecting Summer's corpse & somewhere to that point. She became Salem. Adding on to the Theory, Summer Rose could one of the Season Maidens, which technically explains Salem's powers.

The Maiden powers that Summer got had collided with the Grimm parasite to pretty much make Summer into another form of Grimm, Salem.

One thing I wanna know is why they made up that theory, even though that the Little Brother, according to Qrow's tale, the Little Brother created the Grimm to spite the Older Brother's creation of life. If the Little Brother had the ability to control the Grimm, why does Salem has it?

Tell me about it in the comments of what you think about this Theory.……

"Hey, guys and girls, with the ok of YangXiaoLong3 we can do a RWBY Theory of the Week by the Fans. So if you have a theory for RWBY send it in and may you can get the next RWBY Theory. It can be done by Video or by Journal etc."
Hi everyone it Yang3 here. So we got need thing coming. I very please with people into Theory of the Week Segment as well as a video game blog. If you guy have a theory sent the group a note and let us see it YouTube video or writing will be fine. We wanted to keep this group active and his as much as we can. To give YOU the RWBY fans all the latest news on RWBY! We are currently thinking other idea to keep you intent going where all up for suggest which you can give us here… . We like to do contest but we had 2 cancel already due to only 1 person entering. :( This group is basic on which you guys and girls wanted wanted to view and look at. We have some link done below so you can check think out that we wanted to do and are planing. Oh fyw I am going try and set something up for people who wanted to still audition for comic book dubs however where still looking for a comic book to dub with permission. We can not go forward with an ok from an artist because we need some type of line to to set up for an audition.

Anyway that what got everyone Yang Out!

Also some other thing to check out:

Also… yes we still have Position Available for Co-Founder and even Contributors

Also PS Check out this… let me know if your into this idea, and if you got a comic book creator let me know if you would wanted to it be dub. (Yes I have a new updated to this soon)

Also check out the latest RWBY Chibi Episode Discussion…

Also check out are 1,000 member post,…

Also for Updates for what where doing check out…

As well as the latest update of what plan are going on next's go here…
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